Hair Care Guide

General Care

Keep hair moisturized with a light leave-in conditioner spray and a tiny amount of argan oil applied to ends of hair. Wash gently every 10 - 14 days with a mix of 80% conditioner and 20% shampoo. Remember to trim the ends once every few months as split ends can travel up the rest of the hair and cause damage. This is especially important after your second and third installs. Never use bristly brushes or elastic bands to style your hair. Store hair in a satin bag/scarf.


We highly recommend you treat this hair as you would your own hair, with proper care this hair will last you up to 3-4 years.

Curly Hair

Avoid brushing or combing curly/wavy hair when it is dry, spray generously light leave-in conditioner first, leave for 2 minutes to settle in then begin to gently comb out with fingers first. Finish off with a wide tooth comb - avoid brushes. Comb hair from the ends and work your way up. Braid or twist hair and then wrap in a satin scarf when going to sleep to prevent drying and rubbing against the pillow, ensure the scarf is not wrapped too tight to prevent flattening. 

Night Time Care

Always tie and wrap your hair away in a satin scarf when sleeping as friction with the pillow causes matting and dullness. Detangle and comb through with a wide tooth comb before tying the hair away. Damaged or split ends can travel up the hair shaft and reduce the lifespan of your hair. 

Things To Avoid

  • Excessive use of hot curling irons
  • Sleeping with hair against a non-satin/silk pillow 
  • Harsh products (i.e. alcohol based hair products) 
  • Harsh tools (i.e. bristle brushes - use a wide tooth comb or fingers)