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Raw Indian Hair | Lace Frontals

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Our lace frontals are hand woven and come in our full range of raw hair textures. The hair is woven to achieve a natural appearance along your scalp with a medium density, which makes blending effortless.


Each strand is woven uniformly from light density along the hair line to thicker density towards the middle to achieve a very natural appearance. All frontals comes with excess lace so they can be cut, plucked, and styled to suit your scalp as required.


Frontals are high maintenance and should be cared for by not applying oil based or alcohol based products to the lace. Excessive or aggressive combing, brushing or pulling should also be avoided.

  • Length: 10" - 22" 
  • Lace Size: 13x4 
  • Free Part 
  • Hair Color: Natural black/brown