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The #JSDKWoman Healthy Hair Journey community...

Is a growing tribe of black women of all hues and shades, who understand that the #JSDKWoman knows how important it is to invest in herself; not just on products that enhance her beauty. She is self-empowered, informed, and an active participant in her own journey.

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As black women we have a unique, complex, and spiritual connection with our hair. We are aware of the beauty and versatility of our gravity-defying kinks and coils. Whether we rock our hair in braids, weaves, afros, silk press, or relax it, whatever style...suffice it to say our hair is MAGIC! 

For many of us the road to embracing the MAGIC of our hair has not been an easy or straightforward one. We created #JSDKWoman Healthy Hair Journey community as a safe and welcoming place to share your hair journey.

It is our hope that everyone that is a part of #JSDKWoman Healthy Hair Journey will feel supported to ask questions, get useful hair tips and generally share the joy of #blackgirlhair #blackgirlmagic 👸🏾

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